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ESR Oto Yedek Parçaları

ESR Group
Auto Spare Parts

Guarantee your safety by choosing the products of our company, which responds to the spare parts needs of the automotive industry with superior quality and customer-oriented service. And you never stay on the road.

Selection of Top Manufacturers

Our ESR Group products, which have reached 3,000, meet our customers with the assurance of NES OTOMOTİV.

The products in our stock are supplied with the durability that will not let you down in the most difficult conditions, and in a variety suitable for your every need, carefully selected.


​Radiators, fans, shock absorbers, wishbones and hubs are indispensable parts for safe driving pleasure with your vehicle. We are at your service for the supply of all quality and durable spare parts you need in order to travel safely without breakdowns.

Our ESR group products are available advanced our B2B system with easy access.

Radiator Conditioner

Air conditioners are a unit that cools or dehumidifies the air inside the vehicle to provide a comfortable temperature environment inside the vehicle. Water and air conditioner radiators are used to completely liquefy the refrigerant that is compressed by the compressor and cannot be liquefied.

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