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NES Otomotiv Depo Alanı


NES OTOMOTİV, which has been serving in the sector with its expert staff since 2014, serves with the aim of meeting the demand in every sense and delivering products to every point in regional sales with sustainable customer satisfaction, quality and continuity on the basis of products.

Spare parts for Japanese and Korean vehicles bringing NES OTOMOTİV quality and assurance to its customers, the brand has set out by focusing on continuity and sustainable customer satisfaction while creating the company culture.

In this adventure, which started with a large-scale storage in an area of 750 m² with 5 personnel focused on service and commercial satisfaction with its staff specialized in the sector and in their field, it has made successful progress by reaching the target of product marketing and distribution with 16 personnel and 8 vehicles as of 2022.

As of today, as a result of its growth-oriented planning, the storage area has reached 3000 m².

NES Otomotiv Binası

It aims to meet the demands of its customers in every sense, to provide product-based quality and to deliver long-lasting parts to every point through regional sales.

Working intensively with its expert team in order to provide better quality and safer service to its business partners throughout Turkey by supplying quality and competitive products with its business partners abroad, NES OTOMOTİV aims to strengthen its business partnership model both at home and abroad through new collaborations.

Our company, which has more than 15,000 product types under the title of "Spare Parts", increases its diversity by adding new parts to its product range day by day and continues to get stronger.

ESR Yedek Parçalar


South Korea - China - Thailand - India


It is our vision to make our diversity sustainable in line with the demands of the automotive industry with the quality auto spare parts of Japanese-Korean brands, to bring pioneering and creative solutions to the expectations of our customers with the work of our expert craftsmen, and to continue to be the unchanging name of stability, quality and reliability.


While providing reliable parts to our dealers and customers at competitive prices by creating reliable collaborations with manufacturers in the automotive sector, which we have been a part of since 2014, investing in the future as a rising value in the automobile spare parts sector.

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